One Solution™ — Reducing Your
Project’s Costs and Complexity

Touché Lighting Control

Welcome to Touché Lighting Control, your
commercial lighting control solutions provider.

Designing, installing, and configuring lighting controls can be complicated and time-consuming. By utilizing our One Solution™, you will save considerable time, headaches, and unwanted costs. Look no further; you’ll agree that the Touché is simply brilliant.

Three white colored lighting control products

Applying several product solutions to adhere to a project’s equipment cost restrictions and functional demands is common in our industry. This can result in a complicated design, perplexing installation process, and inconsistent functionality within the building. At Touché Lighting Control, we understand these challenges and have developed the One Solution™ approach. This results in our devices provide component continuity, making it easier for specifiers, contractors, and agents to meet individual project demands.

Here’s how we do it:

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