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One Solution for All Your Commercial Project Needs

Whether you are a designer, installer, or end user, having one solution that does it all should be the primary consideration for your project’s success. From the most basic means of control like manual switching/dimming to the most complex of energy codes, having one solution ensures deadlines are met, costs are minimized, and functionality requirements are achieved.
The One Solution

Understanding the One Solution

Understanding the One Solution commercial lighting controls diagram

Having one solution that utilizes a common app for configuration/support and has component continuity is vital to reducing costs and increasing functionality. Learn more about our One Solution, One Ecosystem approach.

The Right Solution Is the One Solution

Implementing the One Solution


Smartpack &
Room Manager

Example applications

Smartpack &
Room Manager

Common Control: Use the SmartPack or Room Manager

Daylight Harvesting

Daylight harvesting, is a lighting control strategy that automatically adjusts the interior light of a room or partitioned space to help maintain the specified levels and reduce energy costs. Daylight controls adjust accordingly to the lighting conditions. These features are offered with our Room Manager and SmartPack controllers.

Plug Load Control

When products are plugged into an outlet, they typically draw power even though they are not in use. These electrically controlled receptacles communicate with the room’s sensor, and when a person is detected, the plug load is turned off by the SmartPack or Room Manager controller. Plug loads can reduce energy consumption and costs.

Occupancy vs Vacancy Control

Occupancy occurs when a person walks into the room, and the lights automatically turn on and then turn off a few minutes after leaving the room. In the vacancy scenario, the person manually turns on the lights using a wall station or button switch and then automatically turns off once they leave the room. The Room Manager or SmartPack controllers support the occupancy and vacancy controls.

Scene vs Zone Control

Scenes are collections of Zone lighting that can be activated to specified levels all at the same time. On the other hand, we have Zones which refer to a single or multiple lighting that are wired together and controlled by a switch or dimmer. Whether your room or floor needs to be operated by a Scene or Zone, our Room Manager can handle these scenarios.

Advanced Control: Use the Room Manager

System Scheduling

Having system scheduling within in your floor or building is critical in energy conservation as well as maintaining optimal productivity levels among occupants. Our Room Manager offers system scheduling features to let you fine-tine lighting and event control scheduling for commercial buildings.

System Integration

System integration allows the Room Manager to talk with the BMS systems. The main benefit behind this feature sees if a person is in the room and adjusts the temperature’s heating and/or cooling based on whether a room is being occupied or not.
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