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The simple, feature-rich, and cost-effective solution for all your lighting needs

Architects & Specifiers

As a specifier, you face more demands than ever before. New regulations, tight time constraints, and a rapidly transforming industry make specifying the right product difficult.

The Touché Lighting Control solution makes your design work simpler.

Contractors & Installers

Contractors know that time is money. Providing a solution that is simple to install and set up is paramount to getting the site work done quickly and efficiently.

The Touché Lighting Control solution vastly simplifies the installation process  saving you time and money.

Maintenance & Facility Managers

Being an expert on all the systems within today’s modern facilities can be a daunting task. Touché’s engineers had two directives when designing a solution for facility managers: make answers to questions obvious and provide a simple method for the customer to get resolutions to issues when they are stuck.

The Touché Lighting Control solution puts you in complete control of your system – and provides unparalleled support when you need a hand.

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