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We understand that all customer and facility lighting control needs are not the same, but that should not require numerous systems to carry out those needs. Lighting control is based on three fundamental concepts:

  • Lights need to be turned on, off, or dimmed to meet environmental conditions, user preferences, and energy code requirements.
  • Manual interfaces like wall stations and switches are required for user interaction with the lighting control system.
  • Automatic control from sensors, time-clock schedules, and overrides are essential for energy conservation and system coordination.

The needs of a retail shop are quite different than the needs of a hotel, hospital, or convention center, but they all retain these three fundamental concepts. So why do lighting control manufacturers require so many different solutions, and how does Touché solve this with one common solution?

The Competition: Complex is frustrating

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Multiple Needs = Multiple Solutions

Other manufacturers have created solutions to individual application problems by one of two approaches. Either they acquire companies with different systems and add those to their product offerings, or they retain legacy systems to meet individual challenges and develop new solutions to new problems as needs evolve.

This results in complex and uncoordinated solutions, high SKU system counts, and bloated costs.

Touché: Simple is Brilliant

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Multiple Needs = Single Solution

Touché has taken a new and unique approach to lighting control. While maintaining the three fundamental concepts, all system components and features are backward compatible and forward expandable. This is done through flexible software and intelligent engineering.

The same core components in the Touché solution are used to control a convention center as are used in a small restaurant, elementary school, or office building.

Examples of Our Single Solution Approach

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Multi-Use Building

This example demonstrates the flexibility of Touche's distributed solution to meet complex facility requirements.

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Multi-Story Building

This example demonstrates the expandability of the system to support large multi-level facilities.

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Partitionable Spaces

This example demonstrates the how Touche's solution meets the demands of meeting rooms with movable partition walls.

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Small Spaces

Touche's solution is cost effective, regardless of the application size. This example demonstrates how even a small facility does not need to give up functionality to save cost.

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