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Finding the Right Balance. We Offer Versatility and
Simplicity for Any Commercial Application

Balancing the needs of customers and manufacturers as an agent can be challenging, especially when
representing lighting control companies with their unique requirements. Touché’s innovative approach
with the One Solution™ offers a versatile and simple solution to address various commercial lighting
control applications, making it a game-changer in the industry.

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Agent Concerns

Your Problems

  • Manufacturer Support: You want resources and tools to help manage your projects and clients.
  • Multiple Brands Equals Messes: Difficult to keep track of the many product lines and device capabilities.
  • Complicated Installation: You need lighting control products with effortless assimilation.

Our Solutions

Streamline your process with Touché’s simple and scalable One Solution™ product-line

As an agent, representing manufacturers is a difficult balance between taking care of your customers — the specifiers, contractors, and distributors, and supporting the manufacturer’s that you represent. Most of the agents who represent lighting control companies have their origins in representing lighting companies. Although lighting controls and lighting have roots from the same basis, they are very different to represent. Representing several lighting manufacturers is a must in today’s environment. The core light fixtures are typically manufactured by a single conglomerate. The specialty lights are typically manufactured by companies who resemble an artist more than a manufacturer.

Representing lighting controls is a completely different animal. Many times, a manufacturer of lighting controls specializes in specific types of control. One may be better suited for control of office type spaces, another for schools, and yet another for retail. This has caused many agencies to represent multiple brands and has left the agent with the burden of determining what solution is best to use for each application with respect to price and function. Touché has taken a different approach to lighting control, we call it the One Solution. The One Solution was designed to address nearly any commercial lighting control application. The One Solution offers cost effective options for areas that do not require complex control, but also offers an answer to even the most complicated application.

The key to the One Solution’s success, is that it really is One Solution. Sensors, switches, and zone expansion modules are made to work with both the economical SmartPack controller and the powerful Room Manager controller. Touché takes it one step further and makes setup and configuration between controllers the same. They both use a common and free smartphone app — Insight.

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