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Nearly fifteen years ago, when Touché Lighting Control developed the first hybrid distributed-centralized Master Interface, our focus was simple: to create scalable commercial lighting control solutions that were intuitive to design, install, and configure. Fast forward to today and the technology that Touché has developed is truly remarkable. With our Room Manger and SmartPack controllers, along with our complete array of sensors, wall stations, and integration devices, our vision remains the same: take innovation to the next level by creating multi-functional devices that simplify the installation and configuration process, regardless of the size or scope of the project.
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We’re Different

At Touché, we like to do things differently because we’re different. Our team of engineers, support specialists, sales managers, and our production team is are working on the to continually improve our products and support. But we don’t stop there. We understand that having the proper resources is key to your success. To help you along your lighting control journey, our website serves as a resource guide specifically designed for specifiers, contractor, agents, distributors, and end users – every channel as it relates to lighting control.
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We’re Your Resource Guide

This website was designed to help you, the user, get the information that you need, when you need it. As you have probably already noticed from the front page of our site, the goal of our site is to provide answers to your problems.

  • The Getting Started page demonstrates how Touché makes complex lighting control simple with the one solution and how to best leverage the power and features of this solution cost effectively.
  • The Resources section is a video and document library that is an excellent tool to break down complicated lighting control concepts into simple and short videos and supporting tech documents.
  • The Products section presents featured components but more importantly presents our complete solution in a simple to follow product listing by part number or product category. Each component includes component data sheets and installation instructions that can be downloaded directly from the website.
  • The Support section is one of our favorite sections of the website. It is broken up into two sections: sales and technical support. The sales support section includes a link to out amazing BlueBeam toolchests and an 888 number where you will talk to a real person. The technical support section begins with our intuitive and interactive “how-to” video series’ describing page-by-page how to use our app with both the SmartPack and Room Manager controllers.
  • Finally, if needing a new career at an amazing and on-the-grow lighting control company is a problem that you are trying to solve – look no farther and submit an application from the Careers section of our website. We are always looking for talented and energetic team members.

More about Touché

Touché Lighting Control develops innovative technologies with enhanced features that allow users to intuitively install and manage their environment with our mobile app on a smartphone or tablet device. We understand that commercial lighting control solutions should just work — a system that is efficiently designed, easily installed, and simply operated.

A little about us...

  • Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana — founded in 2009
  • We are a self-performing research, development, and production company manufacturing automated lighting controls for the commercial construction industry.
  • We have completed thousands of projects throughout the United States and Canada in nearly every vertical market including office buildings, schools, universities, convention centers, retail, hospitality, and more.
  • Our components are UL/cUL listed and thoroughly safety tested.

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