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At Touché, we help identify problems before they become real problems

At Touché Lighting Control, our solution, software, support, and digital resources provide specifiers, contractors, end-users, agents, and distributors relief from your commercial lighting control headaches.

See how we’re the industry’s problem solvers

Construction worker wearing flannel shirt and bright green vest with hand on his forehead

the problem.

I’m missing my deadline. Installing these lighting controls is difficult and time-consuming.

the solution.

The Touché solution was built with the contractor in mind. Most lighting control manufacturers focus on the features but forget someone has to make it all work. At Touché we realize that all of the channels are important. Even though the Touché solution can meet even the most demanding requirements, we made it simple to implement and install. Use the buttons below to learn more.

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Man wearing collared shirt resting two fingers on his forehead

the problem.

These controllers and devices are expensive and difficult to find in stock.

the solution.

Reducing component (SKU) count by making devices multifunctional reduces not just complexity, but also cost. Making devices in the USA not only makes them readily available, but also reduces the cost. Using fewer commercial components to meet even the most challenging requirements makes it easier for everyone: the specifier, the contractor, and even the distributor. Use the buttons below to learn how Touché does it.

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Man wearing blue shirt and glasses resting his arms on table with open laptop in front of him

the problem.

I often seem to run into compatibility issues with so many different devices.

the solution.

When designing the Touché one solution our Engineers kept one critical aspect in mind to keep things simple: make devices multi-functional and make all of the devices work under one common platform – the result, elimination of complexity. The Touché solution really is the one solution, our commercial devices all work together, and they all use one common app for configuration. Use the buttons below to learn more.

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Person typing on cell phone while sitting in front of a computer

the problem.

When I run into an installation or configuration problem, I can’t get help when needed.

the solution.

Whether you are buying, installing, or maintaining a Touché lighting control system, getting answers to your questions will come from real people. That should be an obvious expectation, but ask anyone working with other lighting control companies and you will find that is not the case. Working with real people is only the start of support when using Touché, we have a library of to-the-point videos and support documents to help you when you want to help yourself. And even more, Touché has DirectConnect – the only real remote support tool that connects directly to your phone for hands-on support. Use the buttons below to learn more.

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