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Simplified Lighting Control with Component
Continuity and Networking Capabilities

Make lighting control simple with Touché's all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrates and offers
advanced networking for SmartPack and Room Manager controllers. Enjoy true plug-and-play functionality
for reliable performance.

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Specifier Concerns

Your Problems

  • Not Energy-code Compliant: Too difficult to figure out which devices meet energy-code requirements and specifications.
  • Hard to Figure Out What is Needed: Systems utilize a multitude of components that are based on a hardware-driven concept.
  • Last-minute Updates: Updating a project’s design due to lack of communication.

Our Solutions

Simplify your lighting control designs with Touché's One Solution™ approach

As part of Touché's One Solution, our sensors, switches, and zone expansion modules share a common capability, connectivity, and configuration app with both the SmartPack and the Room Manager controllers. That means the control functions and devices to support those functions within a room are nearly identical for either controller. This greatly simplifies controller selection when designing a lighting control system using Touché. We call this “component continuity.” Component continuity not only simplifies the design but also results in uniform control throughout a project.

So, what is the difference between the SmartPack and Room Manager controllers? System networking capability is the primary differentiator between controllers, the SmartPack does not support system networking, the Room Manager does. If a collection of areas or rooms in a building need to interact with each other or the rooms need to interact with another system, then a Room Manager controller is required for those areas. Examples where networking (utilizing the Room Manager) is required include areas where schedules, BMS integration, and system override wall station control is required.

One last thing to consider. True plug-and-play functionality. Several manufacturer’s claim to be plug-and-play ready but look further and you will likely see that their version of plug-and-play is many times limited to a single zone or a component hardware-based function. In other words, if the room’s controls are very simple and if the hardware components are selected very carefully, then it will work right out of the box. With Touché, plug-and-play functionality will work right up to the limits of the controller.

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