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At Touché, we understand the frustrations of expensive and complex lighting control systems, as our founders
were once commercial electrical contractors facing the same challenges. With Touché's One Solution™, we have
revolutionized the lighting control experience by simplifying installation and configuration.

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Electrical Contractor Concerns

Your Problems

  • Expensive System Cost: Lighting control systems are expensive and never in stock.
  • Complex Installation: Most lighting control systems are difficult to install and set up.
  • Time Consuming Steps: Climbing up and down ladders to pair or configure system devices is time-consuming and confusing.

Our Solutions

Touché’s One Solution™ minimizes complexity and expense with the SmartPack and Room Manager controllers

Do you think lighting control systems are expensive and difficult to install? At Touché, so did we. As a matter of a fact, our founders were former commercial electrical contractors, and they were frustrated with the cost and complexity of systems that were being offered. Touché’s One Solution was designed to take the complexity and cost out of lighting control. The One Solution allows sensors, switches, and zone expansion modules to simply be plugged into a SmartPack or Room Manager controller and the rest is automatic. Using standard Cat5 patch cables, each device connects to the controller in a daisy chain format. Once connected, the controller automatically defaults to what is likely the required configuration for the room and you are done. Need a configuration different than what the controller defaulted to? No problem, a free iOS or Android app, common to both the SmartPack and Room Manager controllers allows for Bluetooth connectivity to make effortless changes to wall station button labels, sensors sensitivities, and much more. All without climbing a ladder.

I know, you are probably thinking that other manufacturers claim to have an app too, but there is a big difference. With Touché, the app interfaces directly with the SmartPack and/or Room Manager controllers. Configuration changes are made with the controller and the controller then synchronizes those changes with all of the connected devices in the room. This eliminates complicated configuration procedures often seen with competitor’s systems.

Touché takes coordinated configuration one step further. In a networked environment using Room Managers, connecting to any one Room Manager means that you are connected to them all, directly with your smartphone. Setting up network-based control like schedules and BMS integration was never simpler.

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