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How to Apply Touché in Any Commercial Lighting Control Application

The purpose of this section is to provide the viewer with real-world examples of how Touché can be applied in different commercial lighting control applications. This page is broken up into two sections: room examples and building examples. One thing to note as you peruse these examples – in most cases Touché uses the same core hardware components to meet different application needs. It is the combination of our intuitive Insight app in concert with our flexible hardware to meet such needs. Explore the following examples to learn just how powerful Touché really is.
Three people working in an office

Examples by room types

Private Office


In this example we demonstrate how Touche is applied to meet the needs of a commercial building's private office space. Some requirements are bases on energy code compliance (daylight and plug-load control), others are based on safety requirements (emergency shunt control), but all are grounded to meet the end user's needs. Explore these example to learn how Touche supports: dimmable control, daylight control, plug-load control, emergency control, and HVAC integration.

Private Office with Dimmable Zone

Private Office with Daylight Control

Private Office with Plug-load Control

Private Office with Emergency Shunt Control

Private Office with HVAC Occupancy Integration

Training Room


Examples include: Dimmable control, daylight control, plug-load control, emergency control, AV integration, and HVAC integration.

Training Room with Multi-zone Dimmable Control

Training Room with Daylight Control

Training Room with Plug-load Control

Training Room with Emergency Shunt Control

Training Room with HVAC Occupancy Integration

Training Room with AV Integration

Conference Room


Examples include: Dimmable control, daylight control, plug-load control, emergency control, and HVAC integration.

Conference Room with Multi-zone Dimmable Control

Conference Room with Daylight Control

Conference Room with Multiple Entrances

Conference Room with Plug-load Control

Conference Room with Emergency Shunt Control

Conference Room with Occupancy HVAC Integration



Examples include: Occupancy control, key-switch lockout, emergency control, and system schedule integration.

Hallway with Occupancy Control

Hallway with Occupancy and Keyed Switch Override Control

Hallway with Emergency Shunt Control

Hallway with Networked Schedule Integration

Partitionable Space


Examples of two-room, three-room, and four-room partitionable spaces.

Partitionable Space Examples (2, 3, and 4 Rooms)



Examples include: occupancy control, occupancy control with switch override, occupancy control with keyed lockout override, emergency control, and networked schedule integration.

Restrooms with Occupancy Control

Restrooms with Switch Override Control

Restrooms with Keyed Switch Lockout Override

Restrooms with Emergency Shunt Control

Restrooms with Networked Schedule Integration



Examples include: student/teacher regions, daylight control, plug-load control, emergency control, and HVAC integration.

Classroom with Student\Teacher Regions

Classroom with Multi-region Daylight Control

Classroom with Plug-load Control

Classroom with Emergency Shunt Control

Classroom with HVAC Occupancy Status Integration

Examples by building types



Hotels represent unique challenges for lighting control systems. Touché is able to control them in ways like no other control system. Having the flexibility to combine centralized control and distributed control seamlessly is one key element that makes the Touché solution powerful yet cost effective. This example presents the main level, an intermediate guest rooms level, and an amenities level of our example hotel.

Multi-Level Office Building


This example represents a typical floor of a multi-level office building. The example includes the following common room types: private offices, restrooms, hallways, conference rooms, partitionable spaces, and a training room. It also demonstrates control of the open office area. Two variants are included in this example, the first variant represents a lower energy code compliant solution and the second, a strict energy code solution. Both variants are included in a common document set below to demonstrate the similarities and differences.

Multi-Level Office Example Floor



This example demonstrates how lighting controls can be implemented in a retail style cafe. Two variants are offered - one variant uses our distributed load control modules and the other uses our centralized control panel. Each variant has its advantages, view these documents to see what method works best for your application.