Reducing Cost + Increasing Functionality = The Right Solution

Quite often our industry uses multiple product lines to meet the equipment cost constraints and functional requirements of a project. This leads to a complex design, confusing installation, and inconsistent functionality within the building. Having one solution that utilizes a common app for configuration/support and has component continuity is vital to reducing the costs and increasing the functionality of a lighting control system.
One solution, seamless integration

With Touché's one solution the majority of our wall stations, sensors, expansion modules, and more work with both controllers. These devices are seamlessly configured through our Insight app. Reducing your project's complexity and costs. Please see our Room Manager and SmartPack comparison chart below to see which device is right for your next project.


how they do it.

Multiple Product Lines = Multiple Messes

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Contrary to what everyone has told you, you don’t need to use multiple product lines for your lighting control system. What actually happens is the installation costs go up, the cost to commission the system goes way up, the cost of support goes way-way up, while the functionality goes down.


Are you starting to see the magic behind our ecosystem?

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