Simplifying installations to help meet tight deadlines

Time is one of your most precious assets when installing and configuring your latest lighting control project. That is why with our Room Manage and SmartPack controllers, as well as our innovative line of “intelligent” devices, we have simplified the process to help you meet your deadlines and reduce costs. From the rough-in stage through the last-minute configuration, know that our technology delivers the hassle-free approach you want and need to meet your desired results.
Finally, a headache-free installation

How Our Products Reduce Your Time and Complexity

Rough-in Stage

Man wearing white hard had installing lighting controls

Touché’s Products Deliver a Headache-free Rough-in Process!

Our straightforward devices make mounting our controllers simple by using our electrical junction boxes. Installation of our switches, regardless of the type of devices, are mounted in a standard one-gain electrical box. With our direct installation, our products have minimized the hassle of confusing setups and installations.

Connectivity Stage

Blue CAT-5 cable

Connect Your Devices With Our CAT-5 Cables — That’s It!

At Touché, connecting your devices only requires CAT-5 cables — yes, finally, a simple solution. Once the devices are connected, turn on the SmartPack or Room Manager. Once power is applied, they will immediately become online, and you will immediately begin controlling the room.

Configuration & Setup Stage

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Rely on Our iOS or Android App for Advanced Configuration

Now that the installation is about completed and the devices are powered on, our plug-and-play firmware will do the rest. If you need that advanced configuration to get those desired settings — not a problem. Simply download our Touché Insight app and within minutes, simply set your room or floor to your preferred settings.

Closeout & Support

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Complete Your Job with Our DirectConnect and System Reporting Software

Once your project is about done, you can make final system adjustments through our DirectConnect software. During this phase, we can remotely connect through your phone, tablet, or PC to help you fine-tune your desired results. Also, we have system report software to give you additional feedback on your project.

#Finally - a simple setup!

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