Touché’s latest development, the Keyed Smart Switch (SS-K-[X])

Touché Lighting Control is excited to announce its latest product release, the Smart Keyed Switch. This new switch takes lockout functionality to a new level. Traditional lockout switches are used as a manual override control to force the lights in a room on. Our smart version of the lockout switch provides the traditional lockout function but can also be configured to lockout the lights for a specified amount of time (i.e., 2 hours) and then return the lighting control to its normal mode of control. It can also be configured as a keyed manual switch. Multiple switches can be connected to a single room controller for 3-way operation.

Like all of our other smart devices, the Smart Keyed switch uses a standard CAT5 cable for connectivity and includes out-of-the-box functionality. These switches are available in five standard colors: White, Ivory, Gray, Black, and Light Almond.

For more information and to see our component datasheet, please click here.