Smart Switch - Keyed

Part Number: SS-K-[X]

Keyed Smart Switches are SmartNet devices allowing the user to enable or force a room’s state by use of a key. These switches are commonly used for lockout of normal operation but are also able to perform a timed lockout function or keyed manual operation. Multiple keyed switches can be connected, allowing them to share a state (3-way operation). A LED indicator on each switch provides visual feedback on the room’s current state.


  • All power and communication for this device originates from the room controller (Room Manager or SmartPack). Connection to this device is accomplished with a standard CAT5 cable like all other Touché Smart devices. Multiple switches can be interconnected for 3-way style operation.
  • Switches fit into standard 1-gang electrical junction box configurations (4” Sq. Box with plaster ring or masonry box). Ganging of multiple switches can be done without any special rough-in considerations.
  • The required faceplate (not included) is a standard Decora® wall-plate.
  • Supports multiple mode configurations: lockout, timed lockout, and keyed manual.
  • Available in five standard colors: White, Ivory, Gray, Black, and Light Almond.