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Touché Lighting Control is excited to announce its latest product release, the Smart Keyed Switch. This new switch takes lockout functionality to a new level. Traditional lockout switches are used as a manual override control to force the lights in a room on. Our smart version of the lockout switch provides the traditional lockout function but can also be configured to lockout the lights for a specified amount of time (i.e., 2 hours) and then return the lighting control to its normal mode of control. It can also be configured as a keyed manual switch. Multiple switches can be connected to a single room controller for 3-way operation.

Like all of our other smart devices, the Smart Keyed switch uses a standard CAT5 cable for connectivity and includes out-of-the-box functionality. These switches are available in five standard colors: White, Ivory, Gray, Black, and Light Almond.

For more information and to see our component datasheet, please click here.

At Touché, our development team is tirelessly working to give you the best features for your Agent dashboard. Over the past few weeks, we made significant updates to our “Quotes” tool, adding the following features:  Import Components from BlueBeam button, a Services  Calculator, and Generate Data Sheet functionality to your digital portal. Here is a summary of these updates:

Import Components from BlueBeam

First, let’s talk about our most notable update, the Import Components feature. This feature allows you to import, from an exported CSV file, a component from a BlueBeam layout using the Touché tool chest. To begin, lay out your project using the Touché BlueBeam tool chest. Then export the counts from BlueBeam to a CSV file. Then start a new quote and click on the Import Components button. Once selected, choose the appropriate CSV file, and click Upload. From there, you will have two categories, Unrecognized and Recognized Components.    

Unrecognized Components are BlueBeam “markups” that the quoting tool did not recognize. An example might be a test box you added to your drawing. If the “markup” really is a component but a component using an old part number, you can convert the unrecognized component to a recognized one. All recognized components are automatically converted to BOM items. At this point, you only need to select the Add Recognized Components to Quote button to complete the import. Try it and see how easy it is, and as always, call us if you need help with your first imported quote.

Services Calculator

We understand that providing a Services Amount to your quote is important. Therefore, we added this feature to our edit quotes section. Once you have included all components in your quote, click the calculator icon next to the Services Amount field. A modal will appear. Simply type in the Days (Use), Sell Amount Per Day (your dollar amount per day), and the Service Amount will automatically be totaled and included in your quote.

One additional feature with this tool:  to the left is a notes field highlighting service details in the quote. This field is included to save notes about how you intend to perform the services or how you came up with the cost amount.

Generate Data Sheet

Once you have the required components in your BOM, you can generate a “data sheets set” that you can include with your quote. With this new feature, we couldn’t have made this process any simpler. First, you must click the Save Quote button and then click on the “Generate Data Sheet” icon or text. Once clicked, all component data sheets are compiled into a single file and downloaded to your computer. The order of these data sheets is organized by component function. For example, the controllers (SP and RM) are grouped, followed by the switches and the sensors.

At Touché, we are constantly refining your digital toolbox. Stay-tuned for further updates, and we will continue to update your agent portal.

The Color Mini Wall Station will debut early in the second quarter at Touché Lighting Controls. This wall station supports multiple scene configuration pages, including 2, 3, 4, and 5-button displays. The Color Mini indicated=s individual zone control for up to four zones.

The WS-C-MINI is a configurable wall station with a color, capacitive touchscreen display. This wall station utilizes a high-resolution backlit display for easily read button information and supports scene and individual zone control with a modern form factor.

It is fully integrated with other system components to correctly display the current state of the lighting in the controlled area. Coordination is automatically generated through the easy-to-use smartphone application for Room Manager and Smart Pack-based systems.

The Color Mini is designed to replace the Monochrome Wall Station by providing additional display and control features to ease and further enhance your control applications.

At Touché Lighting Controls, we understand that Plug Load Controls can be frustrating for both the installer and the end user. Therefore, we are constantly striving to simplify the process. Recently Touché introduced our Interposing Contactor for Plug Load Control.  This greatly simplifies the installation complexity for the contractor.

Does your room have multiple circuits of plug load control? If so, the Plug Load Contactors help ease the installation process. Our Interposing Contactors are offered in a 3, 6, and 9-pole configuration. This device interfaces with the SLC-R and simultaneously allows multiple circuits of plug loads to turn on or off.

Below, our graphic shows how our SmartPack or Room Manager connects with the SLC-R that interfaces with Plug Load Contactors. At Touché, we constantly strive to push our technology to better serve your needs.

Touché constantly pushes the bar for innovation to meet all your lighting control needs. Our SmartPack now serves 80% of your lighting control needs and is getting even smarter. We are excited to unveil our SmartPack Plus controller coming early in Q2. We are taking the SmartPack features and delivering even more functionality to provide greater flexibility towards your controls.

Our SmartPack plus will support up to four controllable zones (and up to six channels) and includes a dry contact output for HVAC integration. In addition, our SmartPack Plus will support our new Color Mini Wall Station. With these newly added features, we are taking your control installation to the next level.

As with our SmartPack, SmartPack Plus, and Room Manager devices, all these controls are configured through your Touché Control Insight App.