Touchscreen Mini Color Wall Station

Part Number: WS-C-MINI

The WS-C-MINI is a configurable wall station with a color, capacitive touchscreen display. This wall station utilizes a high resolution backlit display for easy to read button information. This device supports both scene and individual zone control with a modern form factor.


  • Wall stations supports multiple scene configuration pages. Scene configuration pages include 2-buttons, 3-buttons, 4-buttons, and 5-buttons. A scene raise/lower option is available when the scene page is configured for up to 4-buttons.
  • Wall stations support a zones page that accepts individual zone control for up to 4 zones.
  • Scene or zone indication and control can be hidden if not desired.
  • Wall station lockout feature accepts a 4-digit pass code for access to the wall station’s functions, when enabled.
  • Display is a 2.4" TFT display, 340x320, premium brightness, 16.7M colors.
  • Capacitive multi-touch interface with multi-page capability.
  • Dimmable backlight, sleep mode capable.
  • Press-and-hold function provides a simple interface for saving preset scenes.
  • Fully integrated with other components of the system to properly display the current state of the lighting in the controlled area. Coordination is automatically generated through the easy-to-use smart phone application for Room Manager and Smart Pack based systems.
  • Power transmission and communication is done through a low voltage CAT5 daisy-chained cable. No additional cabling or sources of power are required.
  • Button text is user configurable when utilized with a Room Manager.
  • Switches fit into standard single-gang electrical junction boxes with a Decora wall plate (junction box and wall plate not included).
  • The -R variant allows this wall station to be used as a replacemet device for the discontinued SW-TS-M (monochrome wall station). The replacment procedure is identical to that required by the discontinued device.