SmartPack - Plus

Part Number: SP-PLUS

The SmartPack-Plus is an enahanced model of Touché's popular SmartPack. The SmartPack-Plus control up to (4) zones of relay and/or 0-10V dimming. Bluetooth® connectivity is standard, allowing the SmartPack-Plus to be configured from Touché's intuitive and free phone app (common with Touché’s room manager platform). Each module is self-addressing and does not require any setup or configuration for default control—simply connect the SmartPack-Plus to the desired smart sensors and smart switches and it is ready to go. The SmartPack Plus also includes a dry set of contacts for occupancy status of the room - useful for integration with HVAC.


  • Smart Pack-Plus’ are single-room, multi-zone, stand-alone controllers.
  • Standard CAT5 patch cables are used to interconnect his module to smart sensors, smart switches, and expansion modules. Up to (15) smart devices can be connected to this module. All connected smart devices auto-synchronize when connected.
  • Smart Pack-Plus’ include a latching (mechanically held) sing pole relay. The relay is a 50A relay de-rated to 16A (80% of NEC required 20A circuit) and auto-sensing for 120 or 277VAC control. Each module incorporates the latest in “zero-cross” switching technology for improved equipment life.
  • Smart Pack-Plus’ come standard with a 0-10v dimming channel that is capable of sinking or sourcing a 0-10v, 100ma of dimmer driver load.
  • Modules can be mounted in plenum ceiling spaces and are UL2043 listed.
  • Each module includes a dry contact, relay output that duplicates the occupancy state of the controlled room.
  • Modules mount to a standard 4”x4” electrical junction box for each installation.