Smart Timeclock Module

Part Number: STC-[X]-S2

Smart Timeclock Modules provide system wide scheduling and timeclock control of all network connected Room Managers. Only a single module is required for building-wide scheduling and override control. Each module is self-addressing — simply plug the module into any Room Manger and the module is ready to operate.


  • Smart Load Control Modules are connected to any Room Manager via a standard CAT5 patch cable. No external power is required for the module—it is powered from the CAT5 connecton.
  • Module uses a GPS signal from the provided GPS sensor to determine the date, local tme, and tme-zone. No setup is required to calibrate the GPS signal. Simply plug the module in to any near-by Room Manager and the current date and tme is transmited to all other connected Room Managers.
  • Configuraton of schedules is managed by Touché’s free app, Insight (TM). Insight (TM) can be used to manipulate system schedules from anywhere in the building as long as there is a networked Room Manager within Bluetooth range of the user.
  • Schedule quantity is unlimited and capable of the following:
    Events: building sweeps and other non-persistent tme-based system-wide commands.
    States: overrides and other building-wide commands that must be maintained irrespective of other locally triggered events.
    Sequences: building-wide commands that are sequentially triggered from one state to another. This is helpful for modes where time-of-day is relevant.
    Exclusions: holidays and other custom exclusions where the typical schedule is not to operate.
  • Optional photocell for building-wide natural light level control. Calculated astronomical dusk/dawn control included standard with every module.
  • Modules can be mounted in plenum ceiling spaces.
  • Module mounts to a standard 4” x 4” electrical juncton box for simple installaton.