Smart Switch - Two Button

Part Number: SS-2B-[X]

The two-button Smart Switch provides simple user interfacing for either scene or zone control of a room. On/off and raise/lower commands are available by utilizing two simple buttons. Integral to the device is an LED bar graph indicator that represents the room's or zone's current light level intensity. The tactile, metallic buttons are attractive yet durable. Smart switches communicate on Touché's Smart Net making them incredibly simple to setup.


  • Simple two-button interface provides on/off and raise/lower control
  • LED bar-graph indicator provides visual indication of the controlled area’s light level.
  • Device is part of Touché’s auto-addressing network of devices, requiring no dip-switch set-up.
  • SmartNet device that connects to the network via simple Cat5 cable. Power to the device is via the same Cat5 cable.
  • Each switch is software configurable from the free Insight smart phone configuration application.
  • Daisy-chaining devices provides three and four-way switching functions in a room or area without software configuration.
  • Switches fit into standard single-gang electrical junction box configurations (4" sq. box with plaster ring or masonry box). Ganging of multiple switches can be done without any special rough-in considerations
  • The required faceplate (not included) is a standard Decora(R) wall-plate.
  • Out-of-the-box configured as a scene wall station with on/off/raise/lower capability.
  • Available in five standard colors: White, Ivory, Gray, Black, and Light Almond.