Smart Emergency Shunt Module

Part Number: SES-[X]

Smart Emergency Shunt Control Modules expand the number of load control zones available to a Room Manager. In additon, they are UL924 listed emergency shunt control modules that automatcally turn on the connected load when the normal source is lost at the connected Room Manager. Modules are available in relay only or 0-10V dimming control. Each module is self-addressing and does not require any setup or confguration for default control—simply plug the module into a Room Manger and the module is ready to operate.


  • Smart Emergency Shunt Control Modules are connected to and controlled by a Room Manager. Standard CAT5 patch cables interconnect these modules in a daisy-chained configuration. Up to four modules can be connected to each Room Manager.
  • Smart Emergency Shunt Control Modules include a normally closed single pole relay. The relay is a 10A relay de-rated to 3A, and auto-sensing for 120 or 277VAC control. Each module incorporates the latest in “zero-cross” switching technology for improved equipment life.
  • Smart Emergency Shunt Control Modules are available in two variants: relay only or relay plus 0-10V dimming. The dimming variant is capable of 0-10V sinking or sourcing dimming with up to 100 mA of dimming control. The 0-10V dimming variant incorporates a normally-open relay that automatcally opens upon loss of the source voltage to the connected Room Manager.
  • Similar to the Smart Load Control Modules, these modules can independently control the connected load but the emergency shunt feature will force all connected modules to turn on at 100% upon loss of the source voltage at the Room Manager.
  • Modules can be mounted in plenum ceiling spaces.
  • Modules mount to a standard 4” x 4” electrical juncton box and include an extension ring for simple installaton.
  • Modules are both UL916 and UL924 Listed to simplify specifcaton and installaton.