Smart Channel Control Module

Part Number: SCC-D010

Smart Channel Control Modules expand the number of load control zones available to a Room Manager. These modules offer cost effective expansion of zones for a Room Manager when the connected light fxtures are known to be zero-to-of capable or when daylight zones are required for applications with a normal zone. Dimming control is 0-10V. Each module is self-addressing and does not require any setup or configuration for default control—simply plug the module into a Room Manger and the module is ready to operate.


  • Smart Channel Control Modules are connected to and controlled by a Room Manager. Standard CAT5 patch cables interconnect these modules in a daisy-chained configuration. Up to four modules can be connected to each Room Manager.
  • Smart Channel Control Modules are a cost effective option for applications where the controlled light fxture is known to be zero-to-off capable.
  • These modules ofer a cost saving opton for rooms requiring daylight control. To utlize these modules for this applicaton, the room must include a common normal zone and daylight zone where control of the line voltage is controlled by the Room Manager and the 0-10V control is independently controlled by the Room Manager’s 0-10V channel and this module’s 0-10V channel.
  • The dimming channel is capable of 0-10V sinking or sourcing up to 100 mA of dimming control.
  • Modules can be mounted in plenum ceiling spaces.
  • Modules mount to a standard 4” x 4” electrical juncton box for simple installaton.