Single Pole Latching Relay Module

Part Number: RL-1P

Latching (mechanically held) relay module for switching load control in the RD panels. Modules utilize zero-cross switching and provide intelligent status feed back to the RD panel and system.


  • Latching Single Pole Relay Modules (RL-1P-120/347) utilize a 50A relay de-rated to 16A (NEC Required 80% of a 20A circuit).
  • Each module incorporates the latest in “zero-cross” switching technology to greatly extend relay switching life.
  • Relay modules communicate with the lighting control system to report:
    The relay’s current state (on/off)
    The line source state (available or off)
    The communication status (active/not available)
    The relay’s “health” (if the relay is defective)
  • Relay Modules are interchangeable with all other RD style relay and dimming modules, providing a higher level of flexibility than currently available in the market.