Relay/Dimmer (RD) Panel - 32 Zone

Part Number: RD-32

Relay/dimmer panels accept a collection of interchangeable relays and dimmers. In areas where multiple switching/dimming protocols and/or a large concentration of control zones exist, relay/dimming panels offer a cost effective and flexible means of control. Relay/dimming panels can co-exist on Touche's network of distributed controls.


  • Relay-dimmer panels allow interchangeable modules to be installed in any one of (32) slots within the panel. Supported module types include:
    Single-pole relay modules
    Two-pole relay modules
    Latching (mechanically held) relay modules
    0-10V, 2-channel dimming modules
    Line voltage dimming modules
  • Four touch-screen LCD displays provide local interaction and present status information for each connected module. The displays present each connected module’s zone description, current state, type of module installed, communication status, and much more.
  • Users are able to locally control all connected Relay and Dimming Modules through the LCD Touch-Screen Displays
  • Communication status and power supply status is provided for easy trouble shooting and commissioning.
  • The enclosure is designed to be dimensionally compatible with typical commercial circuit breaker panels (20" wide x 5.75" deep). This allows for a more coordinated overall electrical installation.
  • A local power supply powers all relays and dimmers, removing the drain on the Primary Branch Communication Cable (Cat5). Power supply is 120VAC or 277VAC and is auto-sensing
  • The back panel and covers are all rugged, powder coated, steel for long life durability
  • No special tools are required for module installation. A simple straight blade or phillips screw driver is used for all module installations