Occupancy Sensor/Switch - 0-10V Dimming

Part Number: SW-O-[X]-DIM-[Y]-S2

Occupancy sensor switches provide stand-alone detection of occupants for small, high movement areas (small offices, huddle rooms, etc.). This configuration provides 0-10V dimmable controls for loads with compatible input.


  • A 0-10V proportional output provides dimming control for ballasts and drivers with compatible input.
  • These switches are low cost alternatives for areas that do not require integration with the rest of the lighting control system.
  • Dual technology (PIR + ultrasonic).
  • Occupancy (Auto-On) and Vacancy (Manual-On) operating modes.
  • These switches include an integral on/off override button, raise button and lower button on the face of the switch for manual control and level set-point.
  • Built-in photo-sensor for automatic daylight harvesting.
  • Zero-Cross switching control for improved contact life.
  • Time delays are adjustable from 4 to 30 minutes.
  • Self-adaptive feature automatically adjusts time delay based on occupant behavior patterns.
  • Switches fit into standard single-gang electrical junction box configurations (4” sq. box with plaster ring or masonry box).
  • The required faceplate (not included) is a standard Decora(R) wall-plate.