Local Relay Module

Part Number: LRM-2P-[X]

Local Relay Modules expand the number of load control zones, smart ports, and digital input ports available to a system. Each module supports two channels of relay and/or 0-10V dimmable control. Additionally, these modules include three SmartNet ports for simple connectivity of Smart Sensors and Smart Switches. Two dry-contact digital input ports are provided for interface with contact-closure devices like fire alarm panels, security panels, and momentary switches.


  • Local Relay Modules can be connected directly to a master interface or room manager. Standard Cat5 patch cables interconnect local relay modules in a daisy-chained configuration.
  • Local Relay Modules each include two latching (mechanically held) single pole relays. Each relay is rated at 16 amps (80% of NEC required 20A circuit) and up to 347VAC. Each module incorporates the latest in “zero-cross” switching technology for improved equipment life.
  • Local Relay Modules include three Smart Ports. Each smart port provides a daisy-chained connection for up to eight smart devices (smart sensors and smart switches). Smart devices are connected to the Local Relay Modules via standard Cat5 patch cables. Smart devices are auto-configured and can be connected in any order.
  • Local Relay Modules include two digital input ports for connection of “dry-contact” devices (iex. door contacts, partition limit switches, fire alarm panel contacts, etc.).
  • As an option, Local Relay Modules can source two independent 0-10V dimming circuits through two independant dimming channels. Each channel can source up to 40mA of 0-10V dimming dimming load.
  • Local Relay Modules mount to a standard 4” x 4” electrical junction box for simple installation.

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