Interposing Contactor

Part Number: IC-[X]-120

The IC (interposing contactor) provides a convenient method to expand the number of plug-load circuits controlled by Touché’s single-pole Smart Load Control (SLC-R) module. This device is available in 3, 6, and 9-pole variants. A SLC-R module is included with each IC device.


  • Interposing Contactors interface with Touché’s Smart Load Control Module (SLC-R, included) using a 120VAC switch-leg method of control to expand the number of controllable plug-load circuits in a room. This allows multi-circuit applications to be switched from one common SLC-R module.
  • 120VAC control circuit used to energize the contactor coils is internally fused at the IC device to allow control power to be sourced from one of the plug-load circuits.
  • Connectivity from the room controller (Smart Pack or Room Manager) uses Touché’s standard SmartNet CAT5 cable connection.
  • Galvanized metal construction of the enclosure allows IC devices to be installed in plenum spaces near the controlled loads.