Ethernet Router

Part Number: ER-[X]

Touché’s Ethernet Router provides a simple and single point connection between a customer’s Ethernet network and Touché’s Ethernet network. Network isolation is provided with this router, allowing each network to be configured independently including IP addressing and traffic management. The BACnet option allows BACnet commands to pass between networks.


  • Single point connection between customer’s Ethernet network and the Touché Ethernet network minimizing security risks and isolating traffic of the interconnected systems.
  • Isolation of IP addressing allows networks to be set up independently, requiring only one IP address to be provided from the customer's IP network, for the lighting control system.
  • Utilizes a stateful firewall that acts on the structure of the message: who is initiating and who is responding. Originating requests from the LAN side and corresponding responses from the WAN side pass through the firewall. But traffic originating from the WAN side is blocked from the LAN side unless the firewall is adjusted to allow it. This protects the LAN side from unauthorized WAN access.
  • BACnet option allows standard BACnet commands like “Who-Is” to pass through the router unobstructed.
  • Nema 12 enclosure allows the router to be installed in dirty environments without affecting unit performance.