Emergency Transfer Device

Part Number: EMR3-S2

The UL 1008 listed emergency transfer device is typically used in line voltage dimming applications. Thisf unit provides normal operation of both emergency and normal lighting loads while also forcing emergency lights on and to full bright during an emergency situation. Featuring field selectable automatic testing and triple interlocks that maximize safety and reliability.


  • This emergency transfer device works in conjunction with an auxiliary generator or central inverter system to power designated lighting loads up to 20 Amps regardless of local switch position.
  • The device consists of relay switching circuitry in a single, wall-mountable enclosure.
  • This emergency transfer device senses the loss of normal power and, in response, switches the lighting load to a designated alternate power source.
  • The device can be used to: (1) Transfer a lighting load from normal power to generator or central inverter system power when normal power is lost (2) Bypass a local relay module (LRM) to allow generator, or central inverter system, supplied lighting loads to energize when normal power is lost (3) Bypass an RD Panel relay or dimming module and prevent backfeed to allow lighting to energize at full brightness when normal power is lost
  • This emergency transfer device includes three dry form C contacts, which allows the user a wide variety of wiring options.
  • For additional applications and information, contact the factory.
  • This emergency transfer device is voltage auto-sensing (120 or 277VAC).