EM Shunt Module - Relay

Part Number: EMR1-S3

The UL 924 listed emergency shunt module is used in non-dimmable applications. This device provides normal operation of both emergency and/or normal lighting loads while also forcing emergency lights on during an emergency situation. Automatic diagnostics eliminates the need for manual monthly testing and allows for remote mounting as access to the manual test switch is not required.


  • Non-Dimming Emergency Bypass/Shunt Relays Modules (EMR1) are designed to work in conjunction with Touche’s non-dimming local relay modules and RD panels.
  • These Emergency Shunt Relay Modules are UL924 listed and designed for applications requiring an emergency load to be switched to an “ON” state automatically during a loss of normal power.
  • Modules include LED indicator that provides visual indication of the modules current state.
  • These economically priced relay modules are designed to install in a standard electrical junction box near the controlled load.
  • A time delay feature implements a short delayed response for the emergency controlled load so that the user can visually determine what loads are fed by the emergency source (this eliminates time consuming testing procedures for maintenance staff).