Dimming Module: 0-10V, 2 Channel

Part Number: DIM-010

0-10V Dimming Modules provide two channels of 0-10V dimming. These modules combine a two-pole line voltage switching module and a two-channel 0-10V dimming module to control both the line voltage and low voltage of a 4-wire dimmable load.


  • Dimming modules communicate with the lighting control system to report:
    The dimmer’s current dimming level (0-100%)
    The line source state (available or off)
    The communication status (active / not available)
    The module’s “health” (if the module is defective)
  • 0-10V Dimming Modules provide two channels of 0-10V dimming with up to 100 mA of dimming control per channel. Typical dimming ballasts require 0.5mA.
  • These modules completely disconnect the line voltage load from the source automatically when the dimmer is set to 0%.
  • 0-10V Dimming Modules are interchangeable with all other RD style relay and dimming modules, providing a higher level of flexibility than currently available in the market