Getting Started with Touché

At Touché Lighting Control, when we say seamless integration, we deliver. Thanks to Touché Lighting Control’s SmartPack Trio, Room Manager, and other solution-driven products, connecting and setting up devices takes seconds, not hours. Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in.

Is Touché the right solution for my project?

If the building that you need controls for is a non-residential building and your application is not a theatrical controls system, then Touché is the right solution for you. Touché is a modular solution that is scalable to meet any building’s lighting control requirements. Touché is cost-effective, meets or exceeds all energy codes, and is simple to install, set up and maintain. But that is what all lighting control companies say, so let us show you how Touché is the right solution for you.

Touché meets or exceeds all energy code requirements.

Configure settings with our free iOS or Android App.

Made in the USA so components are in-stock and available for immediate delivery

Where do I start?

To begin, when it comes to Touché’s lighting controls, you have two options: the Room Manager or the SmartPack. For 80% of your lighting control projects, the SmartPack is the right choice. The SmartPack is perfect for simple rooms, such as small offices, restrooms, hallways, and more. These are designated areas that don’t have special networking requirements or schedule control.

On the other hand, we have the Room Manager, which is used for more complex lighting control solutions. An ideal situation for the Room Manager is a conference room that interfaces with blinds, a lobby that has multiple zones of control, or exterior lights that need to follow a schedule.

One key strength of Touché’s solution is both the SmartPack and the Room Manager are designed to work together, so even if your application has areas that can leverage the more cost-effective SmartPack and other areas with needs that require a Room Manager, that is fine. Both controllers are configurable from Touché’s SmartAPP, InsightTM, both controllers interface with the same sensors and switches, and both controllers use CAT5 as the means for connectivity. Touché has taken the complexity away when choosing your lighting control devices.

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What’s next — select from one of our options

Hopefully, by now, you have identified which lighting control(s) will best suit your project’s needs. If you need additional help at any time, please call us at (888) 841-4356. Please select from one of the options:


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