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Benefits of Networked Lighting Control

Financial & Energy Savings

This may be the most readily understood benefit of control systems. But few people understand the many ways that lighting control systems benefit energy consumption and the bottom line. Here are just three key areas of significant savings.

First, average employees will spend one third of their work time outside of their offices. If the office isn’t equipped with lighting controls that sense an absence, the company will be paying 33% more than necessary to light those offices. And other common areas like restrooms, hallways and conference rooms experience an even higher degree of waste.

Second, many buildings don’t take advantage of daylight harvesting  the practice of automatically adjusting internal artificial light based on the amount of natural light coming in from outside. Throughout the United States most areas have between 150 and 225 partly cloudy to sunny days per year. Utilizing natural light to illuminate a room with windows can decrease artificial light usage by 60%.

Finally, light fixtures in a room result in added heat load in the room. Reducing the number of light fixtures that need to be on at a given time likewise reduces the heat. According to the International Facility Management Association, three watts of saved lighting energy equates to an additional one watt of saved cooling load.

Convenience & Comfort

Classrooms, conference rooms and meeting spaces can often serve multiple purposes over the course of a day. Having a solution that allows users to simply choose the lighting that best meets their needs allows meetings to proceed quickly, comfortably, and with the right ambience.


According to research completed at Carnegie Mellon University, “daylighting appears to improve productivity and absenteeism by at least 20 percent.” Quite simply, smart lighting controls help create more productive employees.

Safety & Security

Lighting for parking lots and exterior security lighting can amount to a larger percentage of a building’s power consumption  making it ripe for potential savings. But beyond that, employing accurate time clocks, light level detection, and dusk to dawn controls can help building users feel more secure and reduce instances of crime  including theft and property damage.

The Touché Advantage: Making Lighting Control SIMPLE

Touché’s focus has always been on SIMPLICITY. Not simplicity that removes much-needed features, but simplicity that enhances those features by allowing our customers to intuitively manage their controls and experience significant savings along the way. At the end of the day, we all want systems that just work — systems that are easily designed, easily installed, and easily operated by end users.

Modular, Scalable Design  as Simple and Cost-efficient as It Gets

Whether you’re controlling one room, one floor or one building, the unique building-block architecture of the Touché Lighting Control solution eliminates virtually all the frustration experienced with so many other control solutions. Specifying, installing, and managing the Touché Lighting Control solution is headache-free.

Significant Savings

Of course, a simple, feature-rich solution only works if it can fit within a budget. The Touché Lighting Control solution has been designed with thrifty users in mind. Efficient architecture, flexible multifunction devices, and reduced SKU counts help ensure that your project  big or small  can experience significant savings.

Committed Support

We know that usage of even the best systems sometimes requires a bit of hand-holding along the way. That’s why we make an over-the-top commitment to taking care of our customers with benefits like our Free Lifetime Tech Support  so you can be sure you’ll be getting a system that simply works for years to come.

At Touché Lighting Control, we’re committed to keeping things simple for you, providing you with the best technology, and always doing the right thing to earn and keep your business.

Contact us or your local representative today to learn how you can take the next step with Touché Lighting Control!

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