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Introducing the Room Manager



An incredibly simple platform with a very powerful feature set.  No longer do you have to choose between simplicity and function.  With Touché you get it all.

Devices are designed to work together, out of the box.  Simply plug it together with standard CAT5 patch cables and the room manager does the rest.


Now that is simply brilliant!

Expanding Zones

Identifying the number of zones to be controlled and then selecting the right controller has always been an issue when implementing room control.  The number of permutations is limitless.

With Touché that step is easy.   To meet the room’s zone quantity requirements, simply add local relay modules via CAT5 cables to the controlling room manager.  Each local relay module expands the zone capacity of the room manager by two zones.  Up to sixteen zones can be controlled by a single room manager.


Simple Zone Expansion!

Networking Room Managers

Room managers individually perform occupancy/vacancy, day-lighting and manual wall station control without the need of networking.  But sometimes more complex control requirements are necessary.  System scheduling, system overrides, and BMS integration are but a few examples of when networked control is a must. 

Touché makes networking a snap.  Each room manager includes a dual Ethernet switch allowing room managers to be “daisy-chain” connected with, you guessed it, a standard CAT5 cable.  There are no upper limits on the number of room managers that can be connected and there are no gateways or bridges that are required.


Networking the easy way!

Configuration from Your Pocket

Are you tired of clunky and proprietary remote controls, programming sequences, and cryptic interfaces for setting up your lighting controls?  

Touché has the answer – your Android or iPhone.  Touché has developed a simple to use app that is capable of running on either platform.  The app is free to download from the app store, Bluetooth® capable, and is incredibly easy to use. 



Setup made easy!

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