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Branch Splitter/Booster


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Model Number:  SBB1


  • Branch Splitter/Booster modules provide a convenient way to split or “T” the primary network branch.
  • One input Cat5 branch cable can be split into two output Cat5 branch runs using this device.
  • The Branch Splitter/Booster also resets the cable length requirement of 2000′ per branch run.  Using this device extends each branch run for up to 2000′ each.
  • The Branch Splitter/Booster provides a convenient connection point for boosting the dontrol power when excessive cable lengths or large quantity of devices becomes a concern.
  • The Branch Splitter/Booster mounts to a standard 4″ x 4″ electrical junction box for simple installation.
  • Control power is obtained from the input cat5 cable so no line voltage is required with this device. 
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