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Smart Digital Output Occupancy Repeater

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Model Number:  SDO-OR


  • The Smart Digital Output Occupancy Repeater provides an output signal that represents the current occupancy state of occupancy sensors connected to a common LRM port.
  • Touché’s Line of Smart Sensors like the SMAOS (Smart Ambient Light/Occupancy Sensor) communicate their status via a standard Cat5 data cable to an LRM port. Multiple sensors can be “daisy-chained” together allowing them to act as one “super sensor” (see the SMAOS datasheet for more information). On that same daisy chained network of sensors a SDO-OR can be included.
  • The SDO-OR listens to the communication between sensors and determines the current state of all connected sensors and opens or closes a relay (dry contact) equivalent to the current occupancy state. This device is useful when the desired occupancy state is needed for third party integration like HVAC control.
  • The SDO-OR obtains all of its control power from the Smart Bus Cat5 cable it uses for communication with the occupancy sensors. No external power is required.
  • Din Rail mounting makes the module simple to install in industry standard HVAC Din Rail mountable controllers and VAV boxes.
  • Both Normally Open and Normally Closed contacts are available for optimal compatibility with third party equipment.
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