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Room Manager

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Model Number: RM


  • Stand-alone control or Ethernet networkable.
  • Bluetooth capable for wireless smart phone/tablet interfacing and configuration.  Does not require proprietary remote controls that can get lost or broken.
  • Capable of controlling one or two separate rooms with one common module.
  • Supports:
    • Two, integral, fully rated 0-10V dimmable channels.
    • Two digital input ports for contact closure interfacing.
    • Two digital output ports for contact closure control.
    • Two smart ports for smart occupancy and daylight sensors. Sensors can be daisy chained with up to eight sensors per port. 
  • Channel expansion up to eight channels when used in conjunction with LRM modules (x2 – for each room). 
  • Relays are plug-load listed.
  • Default configurations for occupancy mode, vacancy mode, and day-light harvesting control.
  • Module supports custom and semi-custom configuration for applications requiring complex or unique control demands.
  • When networked, this module supports bi-directional communication with a Master Interface for system-wide data logging, timeclock/schedule control, override control, status reporting and much more.
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