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Occupancy Sensors

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Model Number:  SMAOS


  • Smart Micro Ambient Occupancy Sensors (SMAOS) integrate occupancy detection and ambient light control in one common sensor.
  • These sensors are part of Touché’s® Smart Bus devices. Smart bus devices and are auto addressing and auto-configuring. Connection from device to device is made through Cat5 daisy chained patch cables. Up to (8) devices can be connected to each controlling module’s (local relay module’s) port. Smart devices can be connected in any order and any type of smart device can be connected to the daisy chained network.
  • Each Smart Port automatically aligns the sensing states of the sensors connected to that port so that all of the sensors act as one common sensor. No programming or configuration is required.
  • Smart Micro Ambient Occupancy Sensors contain no dip switches or dials for configuration. All of the calibration is automatic and all configuration is done via the software. This greatly reduces installation errors and simplifies mass changes to sensors in the system.
  • Smart Micro Ambient Occupancy Sensors can be installed as surface mounted devices for hard ceiling (drywall ceilings) applications or flush mounted in drop or lay-in ceiling applications.
  • Lensing options for the PIR sensor results in the proper coverage for the application. Lensing options come in (3) configurations:
  • 360L: 360 degree ceiling mount coverage (20’ or less mounting height).
  • 360H: 360 degree ceiling mount coverage (greater than 20’ mounting height).
  • A: Aisle/hallway coverage.
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