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Master Interface

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Model Number: MSTR-DVOLT-S2


  • Master Interfaces provide coordinated control for all of the system’s connected devices and act as a “gateway” to an Ethernet network.
  • Up to (100) directly connected devices can be controlled by one Master Interface. If Multi-Function Interfaces are implemented up to (3200) devices can be controlled by one Master Interface.
  • Touché’s® Master Interface provides a modular and scalable solution to building system management. Master Interfaces permit the following solutions:
    • Small Applications: Directly connect devices (relays, sensors, and switches) to a stand-alone Master Interface.
    • Medium Applications: Use a stand-alone Master Interface with a combination of directly connected devices and devices connected through Multi-Function Interfaces.
    • Large Applications: Use a collection of interconnected Master Interfaces each with devices connected through one of the two above referenced methods. Large applications are actually a collection of small and medium applications.
  • Auto-addressing of all connected devices is coordinated by the Master Interface.
  • Both static and dynamic IP addressing is permitted for simple and adaptable setup when Ethernet communication is required.
  • The Master Interface monitors the status of all connected devices, displays that information locally, and forwards relevant information to the programming application when appropriate.
  • The Master interface self-monitors the power source for voltage, ampacity, and temperature. If a fault condition is eminent (i.e. ampacity is reaching overload levels) that information is displayed locally and forwarded to the programming application.
  • Class 2 wiring (Cat 5) provides simple and safe field wiring of the system originating at the Master Interface.
  • The Master Interface uses an auto-sensing power supply capable of accepting sources voltages of 120VAC or 277VAC.
  • Complete event logging of all normal, warning, and errors are stored locally on a SD card and available automatically to the programming application.
  • The enclosure is a rugged powder coated steel housing for long life durability.
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