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On October 3, New York is due to adopt a new energy code, joining a group of only six states that meet federally certified commercial and residential energy requirements. Over the past 15 years, an absolutely amazing 32 million square feet of space has been built per year on average across New York City’s five boroughs. That’s nearly the size of 15 Empire State Buildings being built every year! Needless to say, these new energy codes are going to have a tremendous impact on the work of thousands of architects, engineers, and contractors.

Of course, not every state has advanced as far in its adoption of energy codes as New York. For every New York, there is a Wyoming or Maine that’s working off much less stringent requirements. And yet, we know that the overall tide of energy requirements is advancing across the country. And even in those states that may be lagging behind, building owners aren’t entirely exempt from making changes. In fact, did you know that under ASHRAE 2010 if a building owner replaces lamp/ballast systems representing just 10% or more of the connected lighting load in an indoor or outdoor space, they must comply with the standard’s lighting power density limits and shutoff requirements?

This obviously raises the question as to how architects and engineers can best incorporate solutions that set their clients up to meet ever-changing requirements with ease and simplicity. If you’re working across state lines, how can you be sure that your lighting control solutions are as flexible as your business needs to be? How can you be sure that your lighting control solutions will adapt to changing energy codes and client needs far into the future?

Touché Controls is focused on addressing these issues: Taking complexity and making it intuitively simple for architects, engineers, and contractors. Providing state-of-the-art solutions that aren’t intimidating but are actually easy to use. And helping to ensure that everyone involved in taking care of a client comes out looking like a hero at the end of a project. I’m very excited about the many new installations that we’re placing all around the country and am thankful for our growing number of partners who are trusting our team at Touché Controls to help with their projects.

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