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We Make Operation a Breeze 

Being an expert on all the systems within today’s modern facilities can be a daunting task. Touché’s engineers had two directives when designing a solution for facility managers: make answers to questions obvious and provide a simple method for the customer to get resolutions to issues when they are stuck. The Touché Lighting Control solution puts you in complete control of your system  and provides unparalleled support when you need a hand.

The Touché Lighting Control solution gives power to the facility manager through the ability to:

  • Manage every device from one location  any connected computer allows you to quickly and easily make changes to time-delays, scenes, device names, touchscreen wall station buttons, sensor calibration, and much more.
  • Stay constantly updated  your software is regularly updated free of charge  ensuring that you always have the most state-of-the-art control solution and features at your fingertips
  • Scale when and how you need  our unique building-block approach to lighting control allows you to add and change devices simply and easily  for a new room, a new floor, or a new building.
  • Receive direct connect support  Free Lifetime Tech Support via expert Touché engineers is just an internet connection away  the support team can see exactly what you’re seeing and make remote changes if necessary
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