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Emergency Transfer Device

Model Number: EMR-3

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  • The EMR-3 (GTD20A) works in conjunction with an auxiliary generator or central inverter system to power designated lighting loads up to 20 Amps regardless of local switch position.
  • The device consists of relay switching circuitry in a single, wall-mountable enclosure.
  • The EMR-3 (GTD20A) senses the loss of normal power and, in response, switches the lighting load to a designated alternate power source.
  • The device can be used to: (1) Transfer a lighting load from normal power to generator or central inverter system power when normal power is lost; (2) Bypass a local relay module (LRM) to allow generator, or central inverter system, supplied lighting loads to energize when normal power is lost; (3) Bypass an RD Panel relay or dimming module and prevent backfeed to allow lighting to energize at full brightness when normal power is lost.
  • The EMR-3 (GTD20A) includes three dry form C contacts, which allows the user a wide variety of wiring options.
  • For additional applications and information, contact the factory.
  • The EMR-3 (GTD20A) is suitable for use in indoor and damp locations.
  • The EMR-3 (GTD20A) is voltage auto-sensing (120 or 277VAC).


  • Mounting Considerations: Device can be in any Nema 1 Environment or in AP1 Enclosure for a Clean Appearance when Multiple ERM-3 Modules are Used
  • Power Supply Voltage: 120 or 277VAC
  • Listings: UL 1008 and CSA 22.2 No. 178
  • Ambient Temperature: 55° C (131° F)
  • Housing Rating: Nema 1
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