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Let’s be honest. Networked lighting controls can get a bit technical. Wall switches are one thing. But finely tuned systems driven by state-of-the-art software are something else altogether. But this is why we love every opportunity we get to make our system simple and to educate our partners on its amazing features.

Our team recently had the opportunity to host 14 lighting representatives from around the country at our home office for two days of education and training. The representatives learned more about the technical aspects of the Touché solution, discussed its many applications (did you know that Touché can be cost-effective in footprints as small as just two rooms?), and also received hands-on interaction with our control software.

In addition, the group had the opportunity to travel out to see one of our local installations at Sweetwater Sound — the nation’s largest online retailer of music instruments and professional audio gear. Covering 320,000 square feet, Sweetwater includes one of the most diverse sets of lighting environments housed under one roof. With Touché controlling everything from private offices to meeting rooms, cubicle spaces, a distribution center, public dining area, workout facility, and even an arcade — there was no better place to see what Touché can do.

If you haven’t yet visited us in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we invite you to reach out and learn more about how beneficial a trip can be. We promise to make it worth your while!

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