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We Make Installation Inexpensive

Contractors know that time is money. Providing a solution that is simple to install and setup is paramount to getting the site work done quickly and efficiently. The Touché Lighting Control solution vastly simplifies the installation process  saving you time and money.

The Touché Lighting Control solution saves you time and money by providing:

  • Easy installation  having fewer devices in our designs means less confusion and opportunities for errors on site.
  • Simple wiring architecture  use of standard Cat 5 cabling makes wiring a breeze, and a daisy-chained structure minimizes the amount of wiring required.
  • Construction-friendly design  devices like our popular local relay modules (LRM) mount to standard 4” x 4” square junction boxes — by allowing your team to rough-in the electrical system without the need for special back-boxes.
  • Direct connect support  free Lifetime Tech Support via expert Touché engineers is just an internet connection away  the support team can see exactly what you’re seeing and make remote changes if necessary.
  • Easy setup, configuration, and changes  a simple, drag and drop, software-based solution allows you (or the Touché support team) to handle last-minute building owner programming changes so that you can walk off the site and onto your next project.
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