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The US Energy Information Administration just released their report on Trends in Lighting in Commercial Buildings, which represents a years-long effort to understand what types of energy-savings decisions building operators are pursuing. Unsurprisingly, the survey reveals that lighting controls are often relatively easy, accessible, and affordable compared with other investments in energy efficiency, such as upgrading heating and air-conditioning or replacing insulation.

Despite the significant energy and cost savings, tremendous opportunities remain for specifiers and others in our industry to educate building owners and new construction clients on just how beneficial lighting control systems can be. The survey reveals that while occupancy sensors are now used in 55% of all buildings over 50,000 square feet, many owners are missing out on more advanced energy-savings approaches. Control devices that adjust lighting power by continuous dimming, stepped dimming, or stepped switching show up in just 23% of large buildings. Daylight harvesting is present in just 9%, and high-end trimming is present in only 1% of buildings.

Our team at Touché is passionate about providing simple solutions that make life easier for specifiers, contractors, and users. As the energy codes around our country advance and more users take advantage of the opportunity to leverage state-of-the-art controls, we are excited to see how these numbers will grow. And we’re excited to help you be a part of that growth!

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