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Accessory Panel

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  • Accessory Panels (AP1) are designed to be used with RD panels to add non-standard features to the RD panel. Accessory Panels can be fitted with the following options:
    • MLO Option: The MLO (main lug only) option allows for a single feeder to the RD panel that is then reduced to a selectable number of 20A circuits.
    • ER Option: The ER (Emergency Shunt Relay) option allows individual relay and dimming modules to be “shunted” ON with EMR2 emergency shunt relay modules. The number of modules is variable allowing the user to use only the number of shunt relays necessary for the application.
    • CL Option: The CL (current limiting) option offers the benefit of meeting demanding energy codes where “watts/ft” and “watts/length of track lighting” must be adheared to through current limiting circuit breakers. Like the other optional configurations the number of current limiting circuit breakers is selectable to keep cost low while still meeting the requirements.
  • The optional configurations can be combined on each side of the AP1 panel to offer the pinnacle in flexibility. One panel can be used to provide multiple levels of functionality.
  • The enclosure is designed to be dimensionally compatible with typical commercial circuit breaker panels (20” wide x 5.75” deep) and the panel can be mounted above, below or beside the connected RD panel. This allows for a more coordinated overall electrical installation.
  • The back panel and covers are all rugged powder coated steel for long life durability.
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